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Joseph A. Luxbacher

Joseph A. Luxbacher

Dr. Joseph Luxbacher has more than three decades of experience in the fields of health, fitness, and competitive athletics. He holds a PhD in Health, Physical and Recreation Education from the University of Pittsburgh and has authored a number of books with Human Kinetics Publishing. Dr. Luxbacher conducts workshops and is a frequent speaker on fitness, exercise and weight management. He can be reached at .

Tips for Meeting Your 2020 Weight Loss Goals

Question: “I have been a yo-​yo dieter for many years — losing weight, gaining it back, then switching to another diet and repeating the process! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose 15 pounds over the next year and maintain the weight loss. Can you provide helpful tips that will finally enable me…

Is Exercising Dangerous in Cold Weather?

Question: “Is it dangerous to exercise outdoors in extremely cold temperatures? I like to walk and jog year-​round and am worried that breathing frigid air can cause lung damage.”

Climbing Past the Weight-​Loss Plateau

Question: “I’ve been on an exercise plan for several months and have lost 20 pounds. I still hope to lose 5 more pounds but seem to be stuck at my present weight. Why is it so hard to lose those last few pounds, and what can I do to reach my target weight?”

Is It Possible to Target Areas of Unwanted Fat?

Question: “I’ve been on a diet and lost several pounds but still want to get rid of unwanted fat in a few areas, primarily on the back of my arms and hips. How can I target these areas?”

Can Walking Do Much to Affect Health and Fitness?

Question: “I want to get in better shape and lose a few pounds. I am not very athletic but do enjoy hiking and being outdoors. How effective is walking as an exercise that will help me achieve my goals?”

Is Lifting Weights Safe for Older Adults?

Question: “I am 65 years old and recently read an article that said lifting weights is beneficial at almost any age. Is that true? I am interested in information on a strengthening program specifically for older adults. Can you provide guidelines or some suggestions?”

What is Cross-​Training, Anyway?

Question: “Can you explain what is meant by “cross-​training”? I see it advertised at my health club. Is it a special kind of workout program?”

Detraining: How to Maintain Fitness with Less Time

Question: “I recently completed the Pittsburgh half marathon. Although not a competitive runner I’m probably in the best shape of my life. However, over the next few months I won’t have time to run my usual 2530 miles per week. Is there anything I can do to maintain my present level of fitness,…

Getting Kids Moving: Sports vs. Free Play

Question: “I’m trying to get my kids to be more physically active. What are the benefits of participating in recreational youth sports, like soccer and baseball? Or is it better to simply encourage kids to play on their own?”

Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Question: “I am a middle-​aged man who has never had a weight problem until recently. Over the past two years I have gained about 10 pounds even though my diet has not really changed. I try to eat healthy and low-​fat when I can and have been doing so for years. I do…
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