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The Cicadas Are Back

by Daryln Brewer Hoffstot

I think they’ll miss the party,” said John Wenzel, director of Powdermill Nature Reserve when I sent him these photographs of a cicada nymph shedding its skin. The nymph hatched too …

Between the Issues

“A Masked Affair” Raises $500,000 for Pittsburgh Public Theater

by PQ Staff

More than 400 people went all out for Pittsburgh Public Theater’s “A Masked Affair,” which took place on Friday, May 17 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh, Downtown. The vibe in the …

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When Clocks Have No Hands

by Samuel Hazo

I am a returnee by nature. Over the years I have returned to neighborhoods where I once lived, to rooms in dormitories that were mine, to Mirror Lake in the Adirondacks ...


To Bail or Not to Bail

by Jennifer Papale Rignani

The president of the Pennsylvania Bail Bond Association is not straight out of central casting. His wife and young daughters write children’s books, and he’s sipped a lot of tea at ...


Holland, Beltran, Lee, Hayes, Kiser, Welsch, Griffith

by PQ Staff

Michael Holland is vice chancellor for science policy and research strategies at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the first to hold the new appointment. His duties include developing and …

Regional News

More People Are Leaving the Region. Does It matter?

by Jeffery Fraser

Sometime in 2008, more people began moving into the cities and suburbs of southwestern Pennsylvania from other parts of the country than were leaving for places and opportunities elsewhere. It was …


Hiking in Laurel Hill State Park

by Thomas Saunders

Second only to Alaska, Pennsylvania hosts more than 86,000 miles of streams and rivers. Our state also provides hundreds of hiking trails covering elevations from near sea level to the highest …


Cigars With Wings

by Daryln Brewer Hoffstot

But one day the swifts are back. Face to the sun like a child
You shout, ‘The swifts are back!’ ”
—from “Swifts,” by Anne Stevenson

The Latest

The Pulse

On the Water

by Jeffery Fraser

The sun shines more often. Valleys are greening. Summer is on the horizon. And southwestern Pennsylvanians are taking to the region’s abundant streams, rivers and lakes for recreation, as they do …

Between the Issues

Maecenas XXXV Concludes Opera’s 80th Season

by PQ Staff

Pittsburgh Opera concluded its 80th season with its annual Maecenas fundraiser gala on Saturday, May 18.


Reeling in the Big One

by Greg Curtis

AONE made a grandiloquent gesture with his arm, saying, “These are all my paintings.” They were hung around the four walls of the giant loft and it looked to me like …

Between the Issues

Big Green Block Party Celebrates Phipps’ Newest Green Building

by PQ Staff

Over 500 people attended Phipps’ Big Green Block Party on the evening of Thursday, May 16 to celebrate the best sustainable Pittsburgh has to offer, including the opening of Phipps’ newest …

Between the Issues

Lear in the Furnace: A Review of Quantum Theatre’s “King Lear” …

by Stuart Sheppard

Attending a Quantum Theatre production can be like traveling to one of those crazy destination weddings where they make you climb up some precipitous volcano to reach the venue, while you …

Regional News

Jobs Grow Slowly

by Jeffery Fraser

Jobs edged up in southwestern Pennsylvania in April compared to the previous year, but the rate of growth was slower than in most of its peer regions, according to the U.S. …

Between the Issues

Kristine Knows Her Frick

by Kate Benz

It is 17 degrees outside. It is very gray and very windy and everything is frozen. Which would inspire most people to look out the window and say, “Um, no thanks,” …

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