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Degrees of Influence

by Jeffery Fraser

Question: Who in Allegheny County is more likely to own the home they live in — residents with a college degree, those with some college or other post-​secondary schooling, or those who never …

Between the Issues

Pittsburgh Opera Hosts “Bohemian Nights” Fashion Show

by PQ Staff

Pittsburgh Opera’s “Bohemian Nights” fashion show dazzled guests gathered at Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters in the Strip District on Monday, March 18.

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An Eye-Opener About Living Black in Pittsburgh

by John Allison

Damon Young recently bought a rather nice house a block away from me. Yet I don’t expect to be invited over, although I am about to lavish praise on his brave, ...


CONTEST: Have an Idea to Improve Pittsburgh?

by PQ Staff

How would you like to have a private audience with the Mayor, County Executive and a group of potential funders to explain your idea to make Pittsburgh a better place? That’s ...


Short Takes: “Engineering Pittsburgh,” “American Dinosaur Abroad”

by John Allison

Without civil engineers, our world would fall apart. They are hidden brains behind what we civilians take for granted — all the marvelous methods for getting us from here to there, safe and …


Chin Music

by Evan Pattak

In late August 2018, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill peduto looked at his calendar and was pleased to notice a rarity — a nine-​day break without a scheduled public appearance. He celebrated his unusually long …


What’s the Big Idea?

by PQ Staff

As the kickoff to a region-​wide competition, we asked a group of regional leaders to submit an idea, in 50 words or less, that, if enacted, would make Pittsburgh a better …


Fairy Tale or Future: The Choice Is Ours

by Douglas Heuck

The Amazon HQ2 spectacle was a grand 21st Century fairy tale. It had everything: the world’s richest company promising happily-​ever-​after status to the city that would win its second headquarters, $5

The Latest


Exuberance at the Warhol

by Vicky A. Clark

Devon Shimoyama’s just-​ended exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum proves the enduring power of Warhol’s work 30 years after his death and shows that the museum has no interest in becoming …

Between the Issues

Fed Cred: The Quailing Central Bank and What it Means

by Greg Curtis

It’s been a long time since I berated my friends at the Fed, and my typing fingers are getting itchy. So I’m interrupting my Cold War II series for a little …

Between the Issues

Against the Grain: The Tale of a Fallen Maple

by David Macpherson

Just after dawn on the beginning of a humid day, the copse below my hilltop home appeared out of order — something just not right. I crunched about 100 yards down my gravel …

Between the Issues

City Public Schools Wither as Economy Booms

by Paul Scripko

Austin is learning that much-​desired economic success can have unintended consequences. The city’s declining school-​age population and public school enrollment is citywide topic of conversation among Austin Independent School District (AISD) …

Between the Issues

Mardi Gras Gala Raises More Than $511,000

by PQ Staff

On Fat Tuesday, March 5, more than 700 Mardi Gras revelers came to the Westin Convention Center to support the Epilepsy Association of Western and Central PA and honor Deb Rice-​Johnson, …

Regional News

Pittsburgh Unemployment Hits Dramatic New Low

by Julia Fraser

Southwestern Pennsylvania opened the year with the lowest unemployment the region has seen in nearly 50 years.

Regional News

Local Economy Stays Healthy

by Jeffery Fraser & Julia Fraser

Pittsburgh’s spirited bid fell short of landing Amazon’s second headquarters and the 25,000 jobs it promised last year, but the southwestern Pennsylvania economy continued encouraging trends in job growth, wages and …

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