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Why Am I Gaining Weight?

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “I am a middle-​aged man who has never had a weight problem until recently. Over the past two years I have gained about 10 pounds even though my diet has …

Between the Issues

Responsible Investing Without the Hype: The Conclusion

by Greg Curtis

We’ll finish up our examination of some of the challenges associated with responsible investing by looking at a few random issues.

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Best Stadium in Baseball

by Scott Goldsmith

It was a bone chilling January afternoon when Kevin McClatchy climbed to the top of Three Rivers Stadium in 1996. McClatchy, the new owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, posed for some ...

Food & Wine

New and Noteworthy: Siempre Algo

by Tatiana

Siempre Algo is the main attraction on a developing block on the North Side’s East Ohio Street. In a historic building with a pressed tin ceiling and sporting an open kitchen ...


Steak Night at the Firehouse

by Kate Benz

Sunday dinner at Station 17 in Homewood was supposed to be around 5:30. Maybe 6 at the latest. Because this is Steak Night. They almost never get to do Steak Night. …


Recession and the Fed

by PQ Staff

We’ve asked the region’s top wealth managers to respond to two questions: 1) If the current economic expansion lasts past July, it will be the longest in U.S. history. When


Fine, Flaherty, Yee, McHugh, Fisher, Busis

by PQ Staff

Milton Fine, 92: The son of Jewish immigrants, Fine made his mark as a businessman, philanthropist and Pittsburgh patron of the arts. He was raised in East Pittsburgh, where his …


Lyme: Pittsburgh’s Growing Epidemic

by Kelly Casey

Ever since her Peace Corps days in Uganda, Libby Ernharth has been fascinated by infectious diseases. In Africa in the 1990s, she first saw the havoc wreaked when parasites and other …

The Latest


Broken Glass: Recycling Bottles Becomes a Challenge

by Francesca Dabecco

Kathy Hrabovsky recalls a time in her childhood when she would take glass bottles back to the drug store in exchange for a nickel. She remembers the refund was just enough …

Between the Issues

Gala Celebrates Museum Lab Opening

by PQ Staff

Inspired by the creation of Museum Lab, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s annual fundraising event entertained a sold-​out crowd of over 400 guests on Friday, June 7.


Poetic Mission

by Fred Shaw

With its deep pool of talented writers, Pittsburgh punches well above small-​city status, especially among poetry circles. Reasons for this embarrassment of riches include the exposure many local poets receive for …

Between the Issues

Philosophical Issues Bedeviling Responsible Investing

by Greg Curtis

We’ve reviewed many potential pitfalls that bedevil responsible investing, but now let’s turn to some of the more philosophical issues in the space.

Regional News

Pittsburgh Air Pollution Report: Particulates Drop, Ozone Rises

by Jeffery Fraser

Levels of fine particulate air pollution, long an issue in southwestern Pennsylvania, fell in 2018, while ground-​level ozone, whose concentrations had been waning in recent years, ticked upward amid concerns that …


Is It Okay for My Growing Son to Lift Weights?

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “My son will be entering his freshman year of high school in September. He plays sports and is interested in getting stronger. What are your thoughts on lifting weights for …

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