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The Pulse

A Greener View

by Jeffery Fraser

People in the heart of southwestern Pennsylvania have adopted a rosier view of the region’s environment in recent years.

Between the Issues

The Perils Facing China

by Greg Curtis

As global trade retreats and is replaced by regional trading blocs, power will flow to those countries that are most self-​reliant.

2019 Spring Issue

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Current Issue


On a Pedestal: Clarion River, Innovation in Education

by PQ Staff

Western Pennsylvania is blessed with an abundance of water at a time when many places in the world find it increasingly scarce. But having ample water isn’t enough if it is ...


CONTEST: Have an Idea to Improve Pittsburgh?

by PQ Staff

How would you like to have a private audience with the Mayor, County Executive and a group of potential funders to explain your idea to make Pittsburgh a better place? That’s ...

Regional News

The Pittsburgh Flip

by Julia Fraser

Tom Maiden has been renting in the city of Pittsburgh for decades. He has a well-​paid job as manager of user services at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, and while he’s never …


A Different Kind of Pharmacy

by Barbara Eichenlaub

Susan Merenstein tells people that she has “pharmacy” in her blood. Her late father ran Drug Lane, a Washington, D.C. drugstore, and she spent lots of time there, working the cigar …


Saving the Aging Brain

by Keith Gillogly

Think of all the products and promises for sale claiming to improve brain health. Mental-​fitness games offer a gymnasium for the brain while one-​a-​day pills pledge a mental fountain of youth. …

Food & Wine

Pittsburgh Quarterly Presents “The List” 2019

by Tatiana

Pittsburgh Quarterly’s Restaurant review Board is pleased to present our list of favorite restaurants. The list was generated based on our preferences for memorable dishes, fresh ingredients, professional service, appropriate atmosphere …

The Latest


Is Cannabis Safe and Effective?

by Jeffery Fraser

Antoine Douaihy is intrigued by the use of marijuana to treat chronic pain. As an addiction specialist, he’s keenly aware of the value of safe and effective alternatives to prescribing opioids. …

Between the Issues

China is Destined to Fall Behind

by Greg Curtis

Whatever happens with my proposal that the West launch Cold War II, the next three decades will be far less friendly to the Chinese economy than the past three decades have …

Between the Issues

‘Crack-​A-​Lacking’ for a Living

by Kate Benz

There’s a banana pumpkin scented candle flickering on the front desk. It’s a nice scent. Very deceiving. As if something yummy and caloric just popped out of Betty Crocker’s personal oven. …


Small Steps – Major Results

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Despite a large selection of best-​selling diet books and an abundance of low-​fat and non-​fat foods, the latest data from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) shows that Americans are heavier …

Regional News

Unemployment Drops As Workforce Expands

by Julia Fraser

Southwestern Pennsylvania saw unemployment continue to fall in February and, over the previous 12 months, added more than 8,000 workers to its workforce, which has struggled to expand in recent years, …


Treating Patients As People

by Fred Shaw

Healthcare often gets treated as if the only issue is economic: Health insurance-​Goliaths Highmark and UPMC are in a coverage standoff; a “Medicare-​for-​all” bill that could cost up $32 trillion is …

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