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Between the Issues

A Barbershop That’s Hair-​Raising

by Kate Benz

It’s 10:30 on a Saturday morning, there are already four guys waiting in line for a haircut, and no one knows where Tony is.

Between the Issues

Pittsburgh Mercy’s 15th Annual Reindeer Ball Raises Nearly $100,000

by PQ Staff

On Sunday, Dec. 9, at The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh Hotel, more than 200 children along with their families and friends welcomed Santa’s Christmas Circus to town at Pittsburgh Mercy’s 15th

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The 57th Carnegie International: Looking Forward While Mindful of the Past …

by Vicky A. Clark

The Carnegie International is here again, the 57th in the series inaugurated by founder Andrew Carnegie in 1896. While international exhibitions have proliferated in the last 50 years, the Carnegie International ...


A Turning Point for Troubled Times

by Douglas Heuck

By almost any objective measure, life in America has never been better. We’re not at war. Poverty is low, unemployment’s even lower, and stocks are sky high. Homicide rates are about ...


Pittsburgh’s Leading Newswoman

by Kate Benz

It is a hot, unbearably humid day in late August. There are two LED lights, a heavy, Sony XD camera mounted on a tripod and one monitor propped up on the …


Unique Boutiques

by Barbara Eichenlaub

As the holidays approach, so does the need for presents and hostess gifts. While it may be tempting to get on your iPad at 2 a.m. and order mass-​produced items that …


Work Disrupted

by Jeffery Fraser and Julia Fraser

The past and future of work collide on a 178-​acre graded-​flat stretch of brownfield in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood.

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Frick Environmental Center Achieves Living Building Challenge Status

by Charles Rosenblum

Great architecture should be built for the ages. Imposing piles, whether in stone or steel, are supposed to indicate heroic resistance to the ravages of the elements as both practicality and …

The Latest

Between the Issues

Take as Prescribed, with Care

by Darian Carrow

Medications prescribed to treat illness do unintended harm to an alarming number of patients in the United States each year.

Between the Issues

This Week’s Astrology: Dec. 1319, 2018

by Judi Vitale

A calm that might seem unusual at this time of year could add to your seasonal enjoyment and generally make life easier. There won’t be a lot of planetary action, although …

Between the Issues

Robert Taylor: Demanding Coach

by James H. Morris

James H. Morris is a retired professor of computer science and dean of the West Coast campus of Carnegie Mellon University. In a series of blogs for Pittsburgh Quarterly he writes

Regional News

Paychecks on the Rise

by Julia Fraser

Wages in southwestern Pennsylvania are rising steadily. In fact, the rate of increase was greater than all but two of the 15 Pittsburgh Today’s benchmark regions in the second quarter of …

Between the Issues

An Elegy of the Marcellus Shale region

by Fred Shaw

When U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler visited Pittsburgh on October 24 last year, his first order of business was to visit a Range Resources well-​pad outside Washington, Pa., …

Between the Issues

The Dear John Letter (to your Financial Advisor)

by Greg Curtis

For many people, the worst part of the process of terminating an advisor happens at the very end, when you finally have to tell the guy the relationship is over.

Regional News

Housing Prices Rise

by Julia Fraser

Housing prices in the Pittsburgh region continue to climb, but not at the same rate as the hot real estate markets in some of Pittsburgh Today’s benchmark regions.

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