Between the Issues

Everything Must Change

by Sylvia Catello

Everything must change. Nothing stays the same, and there aren’t too many things you can be sure of. At least that’s what George Benson says. It’s a heartbreaker of a song, but …

Between the Issues

Why Democracy Matters

by Greg Curtis

Just to make it simple, let’s define Europe’s “illiberal democracies” as those countries where elected leaders profoundly disagree with the liberal, inclusive, affluent worldview of the EU’s political classes.

Between the Issues

An Antique Point of View

by Kate Benz, photography by John Altdorfer

Someday, Jim Barricella will retire from antiquing. Well, maybe not retire literally, but definitely do something else with his life. Something other than the never-​ending hours he spends at his antique …

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Make No Little Plans

by Melanie Linn Gutowski

World’s fairs seem a quaint remnant of generations past, or perhaps a childhood memory of visiting New York in 1939 or 1964. In a world where news is literally at one’s ...


On a Pedestal: National Flag Foundation, Clarion Quartet

by PQ Staff

The National Flag Foundation—What’s in a symbol? One great thing about pittsburgh is that, as long as you may have lived here and made a study of the area, surprises always pop up ...


Judith Hansen O’Toole, Art Lover

by Jeff Sewald

I was born in Minneapolis, one of four sisters. My father was a college professor who was finishing his Ph.D. in American studies at the University of Minnesota, after which he …


August Wilson and the Joe Louis-​Billy Conn Title Rematch

by Richard Peterson

Pulitzer prize-​winning dramatist and Pittsburgh native August Wilson dramatized the modern history of African-​Americans in 10 plays, often called the Pittsburgh cycle, for each decade of the 20th century.

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Leading Lines

by Emmanuel Panagiotakis

The photography of Emmanuel Panagiotakis reveals a love of light and form. With technical intricacy, he captures images that transform spaces.


And the Artists Are…

by Vicky A. Clark

When Ingrid Schaffner was named the curator of the 2018 Carnegie International (October 13, 2018 – March 25, 2019), I had a sense that she would bring a change to this venerable exhibition …

The Latest

Between the Issues

America in a Trance: An Observation of the Fading American Dream …

by Niko J. Kallianiotis

About two decades ago, my father moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, which was my second experience with the United States. In the late 70s, he journeyed from Greece to New York City …

Between the Issues

Nate and His Bees

by Kate Benz, photography by John Altdorfer

The bees arrived yesterday, via Two Day Priority, from an apiary in Ohio. Three pounds of them. Five thousand bees and one queen buzzing around in a wooden crate made of …

Between the Issues

The Media Has It All Wrong

by Greg Curtis

I mentioned last week that I recently visited Switzerland, Austria and Hungary, and that if we think things have gone nuts in the U.S., we have no idea.

Between the Issues

Three Questions on the Markets, Part IV

by PQ Staff

Each year in our Summer issue, we ask a group of the region’s leading financial experts to help our readers by responding to a series of questions. The final question is, …

Between the Issues

Inside a Swiss Bank

by Greg Curtis

I just returned from one of those whirlwind speaking tours in Europe – three speeches in four days in Zurich, Budapest and Vienna. It was an eye-​opener. Back here in the …

Between the Issues

Sheryl St. Germain Muses on her Son’s Overdose in “The Small …

by Fred Shaw

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 115 people in the United States die every day from opioid overdoses, adding up to well over 40,000 deaths a year. And …

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