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Is Exercising Dangerous in Cold Weather?

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “Is it dangerous to exercise outdoors in extremely cold temperatures? I like to walk and jog year-​round and am worried that breathing frigid air can cause lung damage.”

American Spirit

Bad Apples

by Kate Benz

The people are standing, sitting, heads down, waiting in line, eyes buried in iPhones. Dockers tucked into crisp blue Oxford button downs and rugby ties next to man buns and lip …

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Is it Really Better to Give than to Receive?

by Kelly Casey

Dr. Gary Swanson has been the recipient of two gifts given in his honor: a goat donated to a family in Africa and trees planted along the streets of Detroit. As ...


Nuts About Nutcrackers

by Barbara Eichenlaub

When Steubenville comes to mind, you probably don’t think of the Rust Belt town as a travel destination. Mayor Jerry Barilla has been intent on changing that and the narrative of ...


Andy Warhol Returns to Pittsburgh

by Gordon Nelson

On an autumn evening in Pittsburgh 40 years ago, a larger than usual, fancier than typical, and more expensive than ever event was staged as an acquisition benefit for the Carnegie …


The Urban Deerhunter

by Mark Kramer

Every July, along deer trails in pockets of forest in and around the city of Pittsburgh, Dan Krivanek and his buddies hang a bevy of camouflaged infrared LED hunting cameras in the …


Pathway to Pain

by Valentine J. Brkich

I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of a days-​long hike — to head off into the woods with nothing but a pack and the possibility of adventure, much like Bill Bryson in …


Short Takes: “The Secret History of KGB Spy Cameras,” “Threads Around …

by John Allison

Deep in a secret location cloaked by trees and rolling hills — well, to be precise, inside a home in the leafy suburb of Upper St. Clair — exists a notable collection of Soviet spy …

The Latest


Duck and the Defense Bring Home Another

by Matthew John Milligan

The fireworks were on full display Sunday. Through the first 13 weeks of the season, teams had scored 40 points or more on 19 occasions. This week alone, five teams accomplished …

Creative Capital

The Investment Policy Statement

by Greg Curtis

Te Kaitiaki Tãhua Penihana Kaumatua õ Aotearoa.” —The New Zealand Super Fund, in Mãori

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Hard Times in Yellow Dog

by John Beale

In 2014, Joe Meyer moved across Pennsylvania with a dream of transforming Yellow Dog Village, an abandoned limestone mining town in Armstrong County, into a living historic site where tourists could …

Regional News

Widening Wage Gap Separates White and Minority Workers

by Bill O’Toole

The gap between white and minority workers grew by a whopping 62 percent from 2007 to 2017 in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve …

Regional News

Local Wages Rise, but Growth is Slow

by Bill O’Toole

Wages in the seven-​county Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical area continued to grow in the second quarter of 2019, but at a slower rate than the average among Pittsburgh Today benchmark regions, according …


Climbing Past the Weight-​Loss Plateau

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “I’ve been on an exercise plan for several months and have lost 20 pounds. I still hope to lose 5 more pounds but seem to be stuck at my present …


Holiday Thoughts from the Dalai Lama’s Physician

by Douglas Heuck

Dr. Barry Kerzin, Buddhist Monk and physician to the Dalai Lama, is back in Pittsburgh, continuing his work with UPMC nurses, building compassion, resilience and mindfulness into their daily activities, with …

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