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Job Growth Stalls

by Julia Fraser

Employers in southwestern Pennsylvania hit the brakes on job creation in the region last month.

Between the Issues

Is Coronary Bypass Surgery Obsolete?

by Greg Curtis

“You will die with exactly the same heart muscle cells you came out of the womb with.” —Consulting cardiologist, speaking to Your Humble Blogger

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Survival of the Fittest

by Jeffery Fraser

Fran and Steve are hiding in the Monroeville Mall, spying on its creepy patrons—gray-skinned zombies who’d once been suburbanites, judging from their apparel. One of the walking dead, a woman, staggers ...


Bell, Link, Bachar, Logue, Gould, Dressel, Koverola

by PQ Staff

Maurice Bell is chief of operations at the Port Authority of Allegheny County. His public and private sector transportation career spans more than 25 years and includes work in fixed ...


King of the Woodpeckers

by David Liebmann

The pileated woodpecker burst out of nowhere just as I thought my students’ field exam was over. As soon as we were aware of it materializing from the canopy of a …

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Bringing Back Pittsburgh’s Steps

by Charles Rosenblum

Along Schenley Drive in Oakland, the Frick Fine Arts building looks like a Renaissance villa, well suited to the grandeur of the adjacent Carnegie Museums and Library in the cultural part …


The Fly Fisherman’s Workout

by Don Feigert

Big-​woods trout fishing takes the fisherman to spectacular natural places. Wild brook trout, in particular, demand we hike deep into the forest, improving our physical and mental health by walking long …


A Meditation of Life in Twilight

by John Allison

Certain Pittsburghers could read Stewart O’Nan’s “Henry, Himself” just for the satisfaction of having their world described by a masterful writer. The Pittsburgh native’s novel, his 17th, takes place …

The Latest


What is Cross-​Training, Anyway?

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “Can you explain what is meant by “cross-​training”? I see it advertised at my health club. Is it a special kind of workout program?”

Between the Issues

50 Years Ago at Woodstock

by George Pettrone

I was a skinny 20-​year-​old in August of 1969. My Woodstock Fever started on Monday of that week in Rochester, N.Y. I was working at St. Joe Paper Company, catching future …


State’s Innovation Economy Needs a Boost to Compete

by Julia Fraser

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s innovation economy, bolstered by its major research universities, is brimming with potential. But the region and Pennsylvania has its work cut out for them if they want to compete …

Food & Wine

The Gentle Maven of Burgundy

by Dave DeSimone

It’s fashionable to stereotype Burgundy wines as overly complicated and too expensive. Becky Wasserman-​Hone simply doesn’t buy it. She has heard it all before over her forty-​year career as an expatriate-​American …

Between the Issues

The Amazing Human Heart

by Greg Curtis

Do-​it-​yourself cardiac bypass surgery: All you need is walking shoes.” —Harvard Medical School

Between the Issues

Dwight Sells Worms

by Kate Benz

The worm truck just arrived. “You know, bait,” Dwight said. “I just got 500 Canadian night crawlers.”


Detraining: How to Maintain Fitness with Less Time

by Joseph A. Luxbacher

Question: “I recently completed the Pittsburgh half marathon. Although not a competitive runner I’m probably in the best shape of my life. However, over the next few months I won’t have …

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