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Between the Issues

Firing Your Financial Advisor

by Greg Curtis

You’re fired!” – Donald Trump. The incredible — and incredibly long — bull market in both stocks and bonds that has persisted since the end of the Global Financial Crisis is now teetering. Whether or …

Between the Issues

Anne and the Album

by Kate Benz, photography by John Altdorfer

She could sit here all day, really. On the upholstered, wooden chair without wheels that she’ll push from keyboard to keyboard while she’s creating songs in the studio she has set …

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Unique Boutiques

by Barbara Eichenlaub

As the holidays approach, so does the need for presents and hostess gifts. While it may be tempting to get on your iPad at 2 a.m. and order mass-produced items that ...


Pittsburgh’s Leading Newswoman

by Kate Benz

It is a hot, unbearably humid day in late August. There are two LED lights, a heavy, Sony XD camera mounted on a tripod and one monitor propped up on the ...


Work Disrupted

by Jeffery Fraser and Julia Fraser

The past and future of work collide on a 178-​acre graded-​flat stretch of brownfield in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood.

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Frick Environmental Center Achieves Living Building Challenge Status

by Charles Rosenblum

Great architecture should be built for the ages. Imposing piles, whether in stone or steel, are supposed to indicate heroic resistance to the ravages of the elements as both practicality and …


Pursuing Crime from Pittsburgh to Eternity and Back

by John Allison

The Gone World” by Pittsburgh novelist Thomas Sweterlitsch is about nothing less than preventing the end of world as we know it. As is often the case in real life,Western Pennsylvania …


What’s Right, What’s Left?

by Samuel Hazo

So much of modern culture seems bent on eliminating humanity from life itself. In many instances, this is identified as progress. But is it?

The Latest

Between the Issues

This Week’s Astrology: Nov. 1521, 2018

by Judi Vitale

Shifts and signals from many of the planets will usher in the uptake in pace that signifies the holiday season. The biggest news is the beginning of Mercury retrograde, which comes …

Regional News

Scrimping to Get By

by Jeffery Fraser

Paying their housing costs is a struggle for an alarming number of Americans across the country and Allegheny County is no exception.

Regional News

Region Adds Jobs

by Julia Fraser

Pittsburgh may have lost its bid for Amazon’s second headquarters, but the region picked up more jobs in October.

Between the Issues

On Children’s Literature

by Greg Curtis

Why do we give children the illusion of a world that doesn’t exist and which all their lives they will compare with a harsh reality?” –Georges Simenon

Between the Issues

First-​Ever “Promenade in the Pavilion” Benefits Cultural Trust

by PQ Staff

On Saturday, November 10, members, supporters, and friends of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust came together for the first-​ever “Promenade in the Pavilion,” enjoying an elegant, European-​style picnic (albeit indoors!) inside one …

Between the Issues

An Exterminating Angel

by Stuart Sheppard

Perhaps all drama should be analyzed as the Kabbalists interpret Torah — on many levels simultaneously, comprising the literal, the symbolic, the metaphoric, and the mystical. This might allow us to understand and …

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