Between the Issues

Green Gala Honors Sy Holzer

by PQ Staff

He’s what makes Pittsburgh go,” said Art Rooney II. “He’s been one of the spokes of Pittsburgh for the past 30 years or so, and we’re excited to give him his …

Between the Issues

Loose Change, Part IX

by Greg Curtis

Headline of the future: “Oat Bran — the Silent Killer.” (Woody Allen or David Letterman, I forget which.)

Between the Issues

Reflections on “1984” in 2017

by Stuart Sheppard

Critics have argued that we cannot evade Shakespeare’s influence on our conception of human nature, nor Freud’s influence on our understanding of psychology, and I would suggest, as a corollary, that …

2017 Spring Issue

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Ode to an Ash

by Daryln Brewer Hoffstot

When great trees fall,
rocks on distant hills shudder
lions hunker down in tall grasses
and even elephants lumber after safety…”
—Maya Angelou

Architecture & Neighborhoods

Looking at Lubetz

by Charles Rosenblum

Stand at the top of the angles stairs in the entry to the Squirrel Hill Library, and you are cantilevered out and over Forbes Avenue, beyond the facades of surrounding buildings. The way the …


Short Takes: “Leave Me” “Perpetual Carnival”

by John Allison

Pittsburghers could read “Leave Me” for the same reasons they’d see a movie filmed and set here. It’s a kick to see the city as a backdrop, collecting references to your favorite coffee shop (Commonplace in …


A Well-​Woven Contemporary Tale

by John Allison

For his second act, Pittsburgh novelist Jacob Bacharach has turned in another work of enormously entertaining literary fiction set in Pittsburgh. It’s less cosmic than his debut, the 2014 sci-​fi sendup “A Bend in the …


The Region’s Top 10 Air Polluters

by Mike Wereschagin

Although the region’s air has improved dramatically from the height of Pittsburgh’s industrial past, southwestern Pennsylvania remains home to factories and power plants that release millions of pounds of toxic chemicals …


Inconspicuous and Dangerous

by Jeffery Fraser

The heavy smoke is gone. But particulates 30 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair and gases formed by the reaction of sunlight and fossil fuels exhaust remain as the region’s most widespread, stubborn and …

The Latest

Between the Issues

The Voice of…Living

by Kate Benz, photography by John Altdorfer

It’s that voice. Like smoldering embers from a raging bonfire, three ice-​cold rocks swimming in aged whiskey. No, make that scotch. Deep. Mysterious. Alluring. The no-​way-​in-​hell-​you-​can-​or-​want-​to-​ignore-​that voice.

Between the Issues

Kicking Off a Collaboration

by PQ Staff

More than 400 guests filled the August Wilson Center Thursday for the Private Performance and Premiere Party kicking off Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Dance Theatre of Harlem’s two-​week collaboration celebrating the …

Between the Issues

Assisted Living

by Barbara Edelman

Between the Issues

CMU Brings Vivid Life to Marlowe’s Great Work

by Stuart Sheppard

Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama manages to combine some of the strongest and rarest elements of great theatre in their production of Christopher Marlowe’s “Edward II”: rawness, mystery, risk and …

Between the Issues

Train Shows & Guys

by Tim Menees

When they hit male menopause, some men buy a sports car, or a sailboat, or take off with a young woman named Amber. Others take the cheaper and more benign route: …

Between the Issues

Let the Good Times Roll

by PQ Staff

He’s one of those CEO’s in Pittsburgh who makes everything better,” said Epilepsy Foundation Western/​Central Pennsylvania board member Joyce Bender. “He cares for all people with disabilities.”

Between the Issues

A Crumbling Pittsburgh Treasure

by Kate Benz, photography by John Altdorfer

There may be an historical marker outside 1727 Bedford Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, but the building’s condition says a lot more than the words on the marker. Plywood patches where …

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