Between the Issues

Local Artists: Struggling, But Not Starving

by Julia Fraser

Most Pittsburgh artists are getting by financially but find it difficult to make a living off of their art alone. And African American artists are much less likely than their white …

Between the Issues

Reunion-​ited (And it Feels OK)

by Elizabeth Wiethorn

I recently attended my 30-​year high school reunion, or as I affectionately call it — Operation “Glory Days.” Quite the surreal experience, and one I approached with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. …

Between the Issues

Loose Change, Part V

by Greg Curtis

Last week we examined one of the “changes” Americans are looking for, and we focused on Russia. This week let’s look at a remarkably similar situation, namely:


As with Russia, …

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A Shrinking Resource

by Julia Fraser

Not that long ago, the state Department of Education was a robust repository of expertise for 500 Pennsylvania school districts, offering curricular guidance ranging from math to art to best practices for improving school effectiveness and education outcomes. …


The Blue-​Gray Gnatcatcher

by David Liebmann

One spring, I ventured south to Savannah, Georgia, for some sun and warmth. As a coastal locale and part of the Atlantic flyway, it was rich with avifauna heading back to nesting territories farther north …


Finley, McClendon, Castillo, Hill, Shiller, Newton, McKone

by PQ Staff

On July 1, Macon Paine Finley will become head of the Ellis School. She comes to Pittsburgh from St. Louis, where she has been assistant head of school at the John Burroughs School since 2012. …


Journalism 101?

by Douglas Heuck

I’ve been a reporter or editor almost continuously since taking over my high school newspaper 39 years ago. So when President Trump called journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” it did get …


Despite Lull, Pittsburgh Poised to Grow Faster

by Stuart Hoffman and Kurt Rankin

Greater Pittsburgh’s economy is in a precarious situation to start 2017. The seven-​county region’s unemployment rate rose sharply through the second half of 2015, nearing 6 percent — a level not seen since 2014 when the recovery …


Josh Gibson on Deck

by Matthew John Milligan

Pittsburgh’s greatest but still relatively unknown sports hero is about to get a curtain call of a different kind. This spring, Pittsburgh Opera unveils “The Summer King,” the world premiere of Daniel Sonenberg’s tale of the remarkable, …

The Latest

Between the Issues

When I Am Empty

by Anne Rashid

When I am empty I think about you
staring back at me in the pouring rain—
the family picnic in the Upper Peninsula,

Between the Issues

Confession: Cops and Kids

by Tim Menees

I done got busted for breaking-​and-​entering (cue the blues harp and slide guitar). This is a sad tale but I must spare all young people the same sordid fate.

Between the Issues

Loose Change, Part IV

by Greg Curtis

Last week we solved the problem of reforming a defective Affordable Care Act in a simple and brilliant manner. Alas, not all the changes Americans want — and voted for — will be so simple …

Between the Issues

Blending Image and Word

by Aaron Fischer

Between the Issues

Exploring the Work of Damianos and Mulcahy at the Westmoreland

by Vicky A. Clark

To paraphrase a new friend, director general of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts Jamal Shah: in celebrating life, art follows the inquisitive human mind in its desire to delve …

Between the Issues

Painting? Have Some Fun!

by Tim Menees

I spent three decades at a job that wasn’t a job, one at which few have actually earned a living. But cartoons disappear when the newspapers are bundled up for recycling. …

Between the Issues

Hath Not a Jew

by Sarina Gruver Moore

Of Shakespeare’s major comedies, The Merchant of Venice is my least favorite because it’s the least funny. In a post-​Holocaust world it’s difficult to stage the play’s anti-​semitic jokes, …

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