Between the Issues

The Death of a Homeless Man

by Douglas Heuck

Last week, I got the news that I knew one day would come. Joe Regoli had died.


Quantum’s Surreal “The River” Transfixes

by Stuart Sheppard

In Richard Brautigan’s classic surrealist novel, Trout Fishing In America, the narrator visits a store selling trout streams by the foot. They are stacked in piles like pieces …

Between the Issues

Contemporary Colonialism

by Greg Curtis

“The fundamental decisions affecting the lives of … colonized people are made and implemented by the … rulers in pursuit of interests that are often defined in a distant metropolis. Rejecting

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A Long Romance

by Margaret J. Krauss

At first, the performance was delayed because ballerina Carlotta Grisi was recovering from an injury. Then the conductor was battling a tumor. And then safety concerns slowed the set construction. But finally, on June 28, 1841 — a Monday …


The Best of Intentions

by Elizabeth Wiethorn

I just hope my mother doesn’t testify against me… if she does, I am in deep trouble.


Advice to a Would-​Be Reporter

by Douglas Heuck

I was talking recently with a friend’s son who’s interested in journalism, which today seems like a very uncertain proposition. Perhaps it always has been— my parents certainly thought so.

Food & Wine

The Old Ways May Be Best

by Deborah Weisberg

Marino floro plucks a perfectly shaped fig from a tree in his Sewickley yard, opens the door to his chicken coop, and offers the fruit to a chamois-​colored hen, which clucks with enthusiasm.


Hidden from History

by Vicky A. Clark

The life of Esther Phillips (190283) would have languished in obscurity, at most a footnote in history, were it not for the dedication of a few friends and supporters. Her story, which intersects …


Swainson’s Thrush

by David Liebmann

Fall is a time of movement: college students packed in SUVs returning to classes, younger kids nervous to get back to school, the lazy days of summer fading fast. Millions of birds are moving, too, …

The Latest

Between the Issues


by Philip Terman

My first walk is also my first memory—

On the purple carpet, in the living room
Of that bungalow in the suburbs built
For the soldiers who returned from the war.

Between the Issues

Thoughts on the Search Business

by Tom Flannery

I‘ve been ruminating recently – one tends to do that at a certain stage in life – about the business I’m in: executive search. It’s a nice business, especially if …

Between the Issues

Giant Eagle Misadventures

by Elizabeth Wiethorn

I appear to be a fully functioning, generally normal human being. I have friends, a family, a job, and some interesting hobbies. No felonies, no spectacular talents, no debilitating weaknesses, either. …

Between the Issues

Elie Wiesel and the one indestructible human quality

by Douglas Heuck

In each issue of Pittsburgh Quarterly, I write obituaries of notable Pittsburghers, and over the past 10-​plus years, the percentage of those whom I knew in life – some very well …

Between the Issues

Drue Heinz winner brings humanity to adversity

by Fred Shaw

When Melissa Yancy describes aspects of facial reconstructions, fetal surgery and kidney transplants in her short-​story collection Dog Years (University of Pittsburgh Press), she writes knowingly, not gratuitously. The 2016 Drue …

Between the Issues

Avalon Creek

by Tess Barry

Slung over one sturdy branch
hung low
but high enough

Between the Issues

Pittsburgh: Too Much Same Ol’ Same Ol’

by Paul Scripko

Despite being one of the country’s hottest cities, at least as far as mainstream media reporting goes, the Pittsburgh metro still provides less opportunity for its residents than its peers. That …

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