Lisa Alexander’s full-length book throttlebody is forthcoming from Get Fresh Books in 2023. Her poems have appeared in various journals including Tupelo Quarterly, 2 Bridges Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and The Burnside Review, among others. She holds an MFA in poetry from Drew University and is a longtime member of the Madwomen in the Attic writing workshops. A little bit about the poem: Pegasus was open to the 18 and older crowd on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and as soon as I was old enough, I went, and I went for years after. It was a place so different from any other place I knew: the crowd thick and liberating. There wasn’t a thing I had to do other than be there, and that was a welcome respite in the hard business of being human among other humans. It was the first place I really could just be. Something to note: this poem references a line from a Sneaker Pimps and a Tori Amos song.

Evacuate My Brain

Evacuate My BrainAlong that wallI could be quietin the dark—club kids, drag queensbrush by in a stiff hitof hairspray, cigarettes,something candysweethoney bring it close to my lipsI’d stand there smoking,watch the crowd on the floormove as a whole, look for facesI know, faces that surprise me,faces I might want—honey bring it close to my lips …

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