Jimmy Cvetic worked as an Allegheny County police officer in Pittsburgh for over 30 years. He is the founder of the Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League. For the past 35 years, he has hosted the Summer Poetry Series at Hemingway's Cafe in Oakland. During the past four decades, he has written over 3000 poems, as well as children's books and plays, while managing a number of boxing gyms throughout Pittsburgh for the WPAL. He is the recipient of many awards, including a Jefferson Award as Citizen of the Year, the Kids Need Heroes Award, as well as recognition from the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. A Vietnam veteran, Cvetic is also founder of the Three Rivers Peace Project.

Just Because

I know there are things that you ain’t supposed to do and will probably get you a good whipping if you’re caught but you’ll do them anyway just because and for no other reason than just because. Like you ain’t supposed to play with matches just because you can burn someone’s porch down or shoot …

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