Carnegie Museum of Natural History

On a Pedestal, Fall 2021

Jeffrey Romoff After nearly 50 years at the university of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Jeffrey Romoff can look back at what he has created with a sense of accomplishment that few, if any, people in Pittsburgh during that period can match. He is the visionary leader who, along with the man who hired him 48 years …

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Just Askin’… Gretchen Baker

Q: What’s the most interesting thing about your job? A: Within a single day, I can spend time with dinosaur experts looking at fossils, review plans with talented exhibit designers, watch an energetic educator engage a group of kids in our galleries, meet with community partners, and work on a budget. My job activates almost …

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Dorfman, Ranjan, Schaffner, LeBlanc, Barnes, Tourangeau, Salgado

Eric Dorfman is director of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He comes to Pittsburgh from Whanganui, New Zealand, where he was director of the Whanganui Regional Museum and Ward Observatory. Previously, he was executive director of Eklektus Inc., a company that developed and implemented major exhibitions for clients such as The Australian Museum and …

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