Between the Issues

Firing Your Financial Advisor, Part III

Now that we know why we’re going to fire our financial advisor, let’s talk about when to do it. Obviously, if any of the issues I detailed in my last post are operating, the time to fire your advisor is ASAP.

Alan Perlis: The First Computer Scientist

I was a teenager in 1957 when the Russians launched Sputnik. In the national reaction to it I was inspired to pursue science. I was all set to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the California Institute of Technology to become a physicist, when the Carnegie Institute of…

Carnegie International Opening Weekend Through the Lens of an Outsider

Though my visits to Pittsburgh have been few and far between, I’ve always known that my family had deep roots in the Iron City. Along with that came a vague whisper of prominence verbally imparted by my grandparents. But until my visit to the opening weekend of the Carnegie International…

This Week’s Astrology: Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2018

If you haven’t noticed the confusion, static and difficulty of Mercury retrograde as of yet, it might become more obvious this week as Mercury slides back into the sign of Scorpio. Attend to problems with communication and technological issues that may have begun over the last few months, and they…

Firing Your Financial Advisor, Part II

If you Google “Should I fire my financial advisor?” you will land on a lot of brain-​dead articles. If any of the reasons listed in those articles apply to your financial advisor and you haven’t fired him, you’re probably hopeless.

At Western Psych

On the dayroom TV screen, the Gladiator hallucinates in the desert. Golden lions and ghost horses scream. Filmed light flickers like tears on drugged un/​watchful faces. Everyone is shoeless, their socks dark green. The water fountain is bandaged in a towel, leaking like a bad burn. The inmates queue to…

Indiana County Tree Farmers Keep the Green in Christmas

When your friends in Florida or your relatives in Virginia gather around their live Christmas tree this season, there’s a chance the evergreen was grown and harvested from a hillside in Indiana County, Pa.

This Week’s Astrology: Nov. 2228, 2018

Mercury retrograde may continue to plague us humans this week, but paying more attention to the way you handle things such as communication, travel, and electronics will help.

Anne and the Album

She could sit here all day, really. On the upholstered, wooden chair without wheels that she’ll push from keyboard to keyboard while she’s creating songs in the studio she has set up in her living room.

Firing Your Financial Advisor

“You’re fired!” – Donald Trump. The incredible — and incredibly long — bull market in both stocks and bonds that has persisted since the end of the Global Financial Crisis is now teetering. Whether or not the market bloodbath that occurred in October continues, the bull will in fact come to an end one…

This Week’s Astrology: Nov. 1521, 2018

Shifts and signals from many of the planets will usher in the uptake in pace that signifies the holiday season. The biggest news is the beginning of Mercury retrograde, which comes on Friday evening. Expect to notice certain glitches in communication and travel even before that occurs. Pre-​Thanksgiving travelers may…

First-​Ever “Promenade in the Pavilion” Benefits Cultural Trust

On Saturday, November 10, members, supporters, and friends of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust came together for the first-​ever “Promenade in the Pavilion,” enjoying an elegant, European-​style picnic (albeit indoors!) inside one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic buildings.

On Children’s Literature

“Why do we give children the illusion of a world that doesn’t exist and which all their lives they will compare with a harsh reality?” –Georges Simenon

Wings & Wildlife Art Show Supports the National Aviary

The National Aviary’s 4th annual Wings & Wildlife Art Show began with an upscale Soiree and Benefit Auction on November 2, 2018. More than 40 talented artists and makers filled the Aviary with a wide variety of art, all inspired by wildlife and conservation.

This Week’s Astrology: Nov. 814, 2018

“Refreshing” will be one word you might use to describe this week. Jupiter, the planet that brings opportunity and blessings of all sorts, will make a move from the sign of Scorpio to Sagittarius. This jovial planet makes its way into a new sign about once a year, so all…
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