Between the Issues

Disability Community Looks to Commonwealth Leaders for Hope and Help

With a re-​elected governor sworn back in for his second term, a new lieutenant governor snug in his new office and a gaggle of new legislators joining lawmaking hands with their seasoned colleagues, it’s time for Harrisburg to settle in and begin work one of its most vexing tasks: enacting…

This Week’s Astrology: Jan. 2430, 2019

While we will certainly notice less frenetic activity than the last few weeks have brought, this one will have its share of interesting turns. The sun will remain in Aquarius, bringing to mind the general concern of what works for “everyone,” whether that constitutes your family, circle of friends, business…

Patterns at the Reservoir

With winter’s storms and frigid temperatures come delicate specimens of nature’s beauty, for those attentive enough to notice. Over several years, photographer David Aschkenas captured the natural art of ice patterns on the surface of the Highland Park Reservoir. Enjoy the beauty of freezing temperatures — without needing to bundle up — in this…

On Lucretius: The Man Who Changed the World

One happy day in the year 1417, with the mind of Europe still firmly in the grip of the Dark Ages, a fellow named Poggio Bracciolini was mucking around in the Benedictine library at Fulda in present-​day Germany. He reached out his hand and pulled off the musty shelves a…

The Flying Dutchman Once More

It all began when my car caught fire. I smelled something burning as I approached the intersection of Penn and North Negley Avenue. I scanned my surroundings to see which building was ablaze. Nothing. Just then, it dawned on me the smoke was inside my car while all the windows…

This Week’s Astrology: Jan. 1723, 2019

Reverie and reverberations could result from the planetary action we have in store. You may remember that eclipse of the sun that had people talking on January 5th. That was the new moon. This week, the eclipses become a matching set with an eclipse of the moon on Monday the…

We Are Forever Grateful for Your Sacrifices, Part II

Amazingly, I passed all my first year law school exams (okay, by the skin of my teeth), and that fall I was back in Cambridge ready to start my second year at Harvard Law. But they wouldn’t let me register for classes because I couldn’t pay the (staggering) tuition.

This Week’s Astrology: Jan. 1016, 2019

This will be one of those weeks when powerful forces could push us to do things, even if we think we’re not really noticing it. After last week’s new moon and eclipse, many have been motivated to push harder on the accelerator and gain momentum, especially when it comes to…

We Are Forever Grateful for Your Sacrifices

“Thank you to all of our alumni veterans for your service. We are forever grateful for your sacrifices.” – Email received on Veterans Day by Your Humble Blogger from Harvard Law School

The Man Who Was Too Nice to be a Car Salesman

Mark just got his desk back. It’s a nice spot in the showroom of Ron Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Cranberry. Right next to the doors. Right in front of the nearly floor to ceiling windows, where outside there is a shiny red Jeep next to other shiny cars…

This Week’s Astrology: Jan. 410, 2019

Get set to welcome the post-​holiday, “true” beginning of the new year with a lot of hope and new-​found energy. Mercury’s move into Capricorn on Friday will assist you in organizing that long to-​do list you may have made out for 2019. The eclipse of the sun/​new moon that takes…

Spitting Into the Wind, Part III

I’m perfectly well aware that Noel Coward once remarked that reading a footnote is like having to stop making love so you can go downstairs to answer the door. But what did he know? I love footnotes. In his (much over-​praised) book, “Infinite Jest,” David Foster Wallace included almost 100

Remembering Prominent Pittsburghers Who Passed Away in 2018

From Adam Lynch to Barbara Luderowski, we’ve said goodbye to many influential Pittsburghers this year. Remember those who have passed away and their impact on the region — and the world — in this compilation of our Last Chapter department.

This Week’s Astrology: Dec. 27, 2018 – Jan. 2, 2019

The end of 2018 will be comparatively peaceful, but there are things to watch for if you want to create a good, clean start to 2019. For starters, the moon will go void of course on New Year’s Day, and you’ll want to time your resolutions and intentions just right.…

Abby’s World of Cut and Curl

Yesterday was crazy. Like, insanely crazy. Flat irons straightening and curling irons curling and shears cutting and the coloring and shampooing and highlighting. All — day — long.
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