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Are You Really Able to Think and Act Long Term?

Investing like the New Zealand Super Fund is surprisingly easy — in concept. In practice, of course, it’s devilishly difficult. Otherwise, we’d all be rich.

It’s This Rain

Looking out the window of my sixth-​grade classroom following noon recess, it seemed as if the entire St. Michael’s School playground was going to float away in the chill, driving rain that had been falling steadily in Indianapolis since early morning.

Invest Like the Super Fund

“Hi, I’m Joe and I just turned eight. I love playing with my Grandpa. Grandpa always has time to play with me. He says that’s because he is retired and gets his ‘super’ or pension payments from the Government.” —New Zealand Super Fund Explained (from a short animation on the…

Leslie Odom Jr. Performs at The Pittsburgh Promise Gala

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, Tony and Grammy Award-​winning performer Leslie Odom Jr. performed at The Pittsburgh Promise’s gala, F.N.B. Corporation Presents: A Night of Promise. Odom and his band delighted the crowd with a mix of cover songs, “Hamilton” hits and original material.

Photographer George Lange Debuts Personal Collection

World-​renowned, Pittsburgh-​native photographer George Lange debuts new prints and stories from his private collection on Thursday, November 14 at Weisshouse (324 S. Highland Ave.).

Hong Kong Will Mean China’s Demise

“China’s disintegration is now under way.” —Arthur Waldron, Lauder Professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania

A Passion for Pasta

The handmade, white fettuccini pasta comes in 14 flavors like basil, hot red pepper, black pepper, chive, spinach, sun dried tomato, garlic basil, parsley and squid ink, which everyone always thinks is weird.

The Waning Mao-​Xi Dynasty

“Without democracy, China will rise no farther.” —Jiwei Ci, University of Hong Kong

The Meticulous Carpenter

Kevin’s got to get back inside of the house on Marshall Road on Observatory Hill. There’s work he needs to do. But first, he wants to get Donnie some water.

It Turns Out Hong Kong Is Different

“‘One country, two systems’ was always little more than a useful fiction, but… China has shown just how unrealistic the idea ultimately was.” —Rodger Baker, Stratfor

Is It Possible to Target Areas of Unwanted Fat?

Question: “I’ve been on a diet and lost several pounds but still want to get rid of unwanted fat in a few areas, primarily on the back of my arms and hips. How can I target these areas?”

The Brits Blew It in Hong Kong

“[China] looks increasingly like it has reached a dead end.” —Frank Dikötter, Professor, University of Hong Kong

Ideas for a Better Pittsburgh: Semifinalists, Part VIII

Pittsburgh Quarterly invited readers and neighbors to offer up their best ideas for improving the region through the Spring 2019 Pittsburgh Tomorrow Contest. The 13 finalists chosen by the Pittsburgh Today advisory board were published online and in the Fall 2019 issue of the magazine. But the ideas of another…

Highland Meadows, Allegheny County, 1979

Sunday afternoons, we escaped across green waves of fenceless yards, hopscotched streets with split– level homes — their windowed eyes and garages’ open mouths. We screamed past the chained dog’s bark, lawns skirted with azaleas or crowned with the Virgin Mary. We lifted animals like bracelets from creeks and sat on Central…

Chatham University Celebrates 150 Years With “Long Purple Line” Gala

On Saturday, October 12, Chatham University’s Athletic & Fitness Center was transformed into a reminiscent walk along Chatham’s “Long Purple Line from 1869” for a gala held as part of its 150th Anniversary Celebration Alumni Reunion Weekend.
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