My father was a country doctor; my mom, a nurse. Their relationship was grounded in the values of service and compassion, and they included their children — me, for sure — in that vision. So I made house calls with my dad and, among other things, got to practice parallel parking while delivering Meals on Wheels with…

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading A life’s recounting in the subject’s own words
  • Sidebar Title Jim Withers, M.D.
  • Sidebar Sub Title Street Doctor
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    CNN Top 10 Heroes” (2015)

    Street Medicine Institute, founder & executive director (2008 – present)

    Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net, founder & medical director (1992 – present)

    Mercy Hospital, physician & instructor (1984 – present)

    University of Pittsburgh, M.D. (1984)

    Haverford College, B.S. Chemistry (1980)

Janice Smith’s fifth-​grade reading class at Central Elementary in the Elizabeth Forward School District was supposed to be working on a book report. Huddled around iPads, the students chatted with one another, pointing and swiping at the screens. No one was being shushed, few were sitting square in their seats, and no one…

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading At Elizabeth Forward, a digital makeover aims to boost learning
This issue, we take up half-​a-​dozen new books in three groupings: literary works from two creative writing teachers, Pittsburgh sports history from two prominent national writers, and the latest from two great local legal minds.

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sidebar Content Block We Show...

    We Show What We Have Learned: And Other Stories

    By Clare Beams
    Lookout Books/​University of North Carolina Wilmington ($17.95)

    Schoolhouse: Lessons on Love and Landscape

    By Marc Nieson
    Ice Cube Press ($19.95)
    Playing Through the Whistle

    Playing Through the Whistle: Steel, Football and an American Town

    By S.L. Price
    Grove Atlantic ($27)
    Chuck Noll

    Chuck Noll: His Life’s Work

    By Michael MacCambridge
    University of Pittsburgh Press ($27.95)

    Face: How Saving Face Changes Everything

    By Dennis Unkovic
    Amazon Kindle Single ($2.99)
    The Presidents and the Constitution

    The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History

    By Ken Gormley
    New York University Press ($45)
The definition of oasis is simple: a fertile spot in the desert where water can be found. That applies to any number of gated golf communities that surround Palm Springs, California. But The Reserve in Indian Wells is different. Instead of fighting nature by pumping water onto artificially green lawns, it embraces the…

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading A Palm Springs oasis
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