Many Pittsburghers have a somewhat vague idea that the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC successfully attract federal dollars to support their varied research activities. But the extent of that success in recent years is almost shocking when you look at the numbers and the rankings.

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  • Issue Quarter Fall
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading Leading the world in women’s health research
The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Gala 2017, “A Future Without Cancer,” recognized nearly 900 of the region’s leaders and longtime supporters in attendance who are responsible for raising more than $4.1 million to support the efforts of scientists and clinicians at the region’s only National Cancer Institute-​designated comprehensive cancer center. This major event…

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  • Issue Quarter Between the Issues
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading September 14, 2017
We’ve all been there. You think you might have the flu, and you need to see a doctor, stat. You call your PCP but she’s booked solid for the next three weeks. So you hop in your car and fight the traffic to the urgent care clinic, only to find out there’s an…
When Steve Lawthers takes a golf swing, his arm rubs against a small device attached to his skin, near his belt. “Other than when I play golf, I don’t know it’s there,” says Lawthers, 61, of McCandless.

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading What’s being done to combat the rampant disease?
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    Diabetes 101

    People with diabetes either don’t make enough of the hormone insulin (type 1 diabetes — previously known as juvenile diabetes) or can’t use insulin properly (type 2 diabetes). Insulin allows blood sugar (glucose) to enter and fuel every cell in the body. When someone doesn’t have enough insulin or can’t use it effectively, blood sugar builds up in the blood. Over time, this can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and amputation of toes, feet or legs.

    Prediabetes alert

    Ninety percent of the estimated 86 million Americans with pre-​diabetes don’t know they have it. DoI​HavePre​di​a​betes​.org offers a seven-​question test to find out if you’re at risk. The site launched in 2016 as part of the first national pre-​diabetes awareness campaign.

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