Dan Ward is 27 and lives in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood. He is mostly vegan, rides his bike to work and walks in the park as often as he can. He also vaped for several years, using an electronic cigarette to satisfy a need to “have one vice to balance my otherwise healthy lifestyle.”

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  • Issue Quarter Fall
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading Tobacco use is down. Will the popularity of vaping change that?
When Dave Lozier campaigned to be the district attorney of Beaver County, one topic dominated conversation at every meet-​and-​greet and campaign stop.

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  • Issue Quarter Summer
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading
    Fast monitoring of opiate deaths aims to spread
    vital information to police and users
It started with a cough and the need to clear her throat whenever she ate. Eventually, swallowing became more difficult — and even dangerous — for Patricia Grimm, 63, of the North Side. “I’d be at Red Lobster eating a salad or in the car eating a hamburger and I’d start choking,” she says. ”When you can’t…

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  • Issue Quarter Spring
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading Eating and drinking doesn’t come easily for millions, but a wide range of therapies can help
As a liver specialist for more than 25 years, Dr. Michael Babich has seen a seismic shift in his practice. No longer are viruses or chronic alcoholism destroying the livers of most of his patients at Allegheny Health Network. Now, it’s the overconsumption of fructose — an industrialized form of sugar that has crept into…

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading A spoonful may help the medicine go down, but America’s addiction to it is a recipe for disease
  • Sidebar Title How much added sugar is ok to eat?
  • Sidebar Content Block The most you should eat in a day, according to the American Heart Association, is 150 calories (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) for men and 100 calories (25 grams or 6 teaspoons) for women. A typical 8-​ounce soda has 8 teaspoons of added sugar.
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