Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings,” says the Tao Te Ching, the Chinese book of philosophy and religion from 6th century BC.

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2016
  • Sub Heading From prime rib to pie
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Since 1937, the world’s first atom smasher – perched above Ardmore Boulevard at the confluence of Forest Hills, East Pittsburgh and Chalfant – has been a source of mystery and intrigue. The once-​gleaming six-​story-​high silver ball – with its faded, giant Westinghouse “W” still visible – is a relic of the atomic age, but it is not the only rare find…

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  • Issue Quarter Winter
  • Issue Year 2013
  • Sub Heading Smashing Chinese in Chalfant
To be in China now must be like witnessing the construction of the pyramids. In Beijing, the world’s most powerful totalitarian regime is preparing for next year’s Olympics. Shanghai, a garden of skyscrapers, is getting ready for the 2010 World’s Fair. New highways, airports, power plants, dams and towers are fueled by China’s…

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  • Issue Quarter Summer
  • Issue Year 2007
  • Sub Heading The observer: Summer ’07
Annie Wang was 9 when her parents vanished behind the Bamboo Curtain. It was the start of China’s “Cultural Revolution,” a terrible time for anyone in that country with money or status.

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  • Issue Quarter Fall
  • Issue Year 2007
  • Sub Heading Doing business with China is a necessity in basic survival. But success doesn’t happen overnight
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