Housing prices in the Pittsburgh region continue to climb, but not at the same rate as the hot real estate markets in some of Pittsburgh Today’s benchmark regions.

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  • Issue Quarter Pittsburgh Today — Regional News
  • Issue Year 2018
  • Sub Heading Local markets vary, but overall trend is positive
Paying their housing costs is a struggle for an alarming number of Americans across the country and Allegheny County is no exception.

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  • Issue Quarter Regional News
  • Issue Year 2018
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    Housing squeezes household budgets
Photographer Clyde “Red” Hare moved to Pittsburgh in 1950 to work on the Pittsburgh Photographic Library, covering the city’s Renaissance I, with noted editor Roy Stryker. Hare had his own car and camera and Stryker offered to pay him $50 a week to photograph the city.

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  • Issue Quarter Spring
  • Issue Year 2017
The Helen S. Faison Arts Academy, Pittsburgh’s newest elementary school, was built with the hope it would help kindle the revitalization of Homewood, which has long been one of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods.

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  • Issue Quarter Fall
  • Issue Year 2011
  • Sub Heading As neighborhoods sink under the shadow of vacant and abandoned properties, regional leaders are trying tactics that have worked in other cities
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