Well pads, compressor stations, diesel truck traffic. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves many moving parts, some of which have the potential to vent pollutants into the air southwestern Pennsylvanians breathe.

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  • Issue Quarter Fall
  • Issue Year 2017
  • Sub Heading Understanding the public health impact of fracking slowly gains ground
If you want to explore the vexing subject of global climate change, Seamus McGraw is the guy to have as a tour guide. He will not torture your brain with elaborate science, tax your patience with lectures about evil consumer habits, or bash you over the head with partisan arguments. Instead, he takes…

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  • Issue Quarter Spring
  • Issue Year 2016
  • Sub Heading What it looks like to live with climate change
  • Sidebar Title Short Takes
  • Sidebar Sub Title New selections from Pittsburgh authors
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    Iconoscope: New and Selected Poems

    by Peter Oresick

    University of Pittsburgh Press


    Steel City Jews: In Prosperity, Depression and War, 19151950

    by Barbara S. Burstin

    Classon Press


    Finding Common Ground: My Life as a Mediator in Neighborhoods, Communities, Government and Politics

    by Morton Coleman

    copies available through University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics

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