Regional News

Region Adds Jobs, But Growth Slows

Employers in southwestern Pennsylvania continued to boost their payrolls in September, but at a slower pace than what has characterized the regional job market over the past year.

How Age Colors Views About the Environment

The air seems cleaner and the water fresher to middle-​aged residents and seniors in Allegheny County, the urban center of southwestern Pennsylvania that has had its share of environmental struggles.

Workforce Expands, Unemployment Remains Low

The Pittsburgh region’s August unemployment rate bumped from 3.8 percent in July to 3.9, hovering above the national rate but still among the lowest rates in the last 50 years.

Job Growth Slows

For the second consecutive month, job growth has slowed in southwestern Pennsylvania, and its peer regions posted job growth rates that are among the lowest of the year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment Drops — Labor Force Grows

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate remained below 4 percent in July, hovering slightly higher than the national average as job seekers in the region and across the U.S. continued to find work.

Job Growth Stalls

Employers in southwestern Pennsylvania hit the brakes on job creation in the region last month.

State’s Innovation Economy Needs a Boost to Compete

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s innovation economy, bolstered by its major research universities, is brimming with potential. But the region and Pennsylvania has its work cut out for them if they want to compete with the likes of San Francisco, Boston and emerging stars, such as Austin, Texas.

Low Unemployment Settles in the Region

Unemployment in southwestern Pennsylvania held steady in June, hovering below 4 percent as it has for the past few months as workers across the region and nation continue to find and hold onto jobs.

Job Growth Slowly Rises

More jobs were added to payrolls in the Pittsburgh region in June, but not at the hot pace of the rest of the nation.

Low Unemployment Continues

Workers in southwestern Pennsylvania continue to find jobs as the region notched another month of unemployment below 4 percent in May. The region’s 3.8 percent unemployment rate held over from April, but still hovers above the national average.

Local Job Growth Ticks Upward

Employers in southwestern Pennsylvania continued to boost their payrolls in May at a slow but steady pace that has characterized the regional job market over the past few years.

Broken Glass: Recycling Bottles Becomes a Challenge

Kathy Hrabovsky recalls a time in her childhood when she would take glass bottles back to the drug store in exchange for a nickel. She remembers the refund was just enough to buy a piece of candy.

Pittsburgh Air Pollution Report: Particulates Drop, Ozone Rises

Levels of fine particulate air pollution, long an issue in southwestern Pennsylvania, fell in 2018, while ground-​level ozone, whose concentrations had been waning in recent years, ticked upward amid concerns that natural gas drilling may be contributing to the rise.

Encouraging Trend: Unemployment Drops in Region

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped to less than 4 percent in April, hovering slightly higher than the national average as workers in the region and nation continue to find little difficulty finding jobs.
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