Between the Issues

ACMSF Awards Gala Salutes Physician Heroism

More than 300 guests gathered for the Allegheny County Medical Society Foundation (ACMSF) Celebration of Excellence Awards Gala at the Westin Convention Center Hotel, downtown Pittsburgh, on March 2.

The Trouble with China

Virtually every American policymaker believed that the collapse of the USSR marked “the end of history.” Ever since the dawn of human civilization, hostile societies had vied for supremacy, resulting in war after war.

This Week’s Astrology: Feb. 28 – Mar. 6, 2019

This week begins in relative quiet, but the horizon will be filled with changes and challenges that will make life much more boisterous. Although the most powerful influence will come from planet Uranus as it moves into Taurus for keeps, we also will have to confront the difficulties in communications,…

Outlasting the Russians

Within a period of four months in 1945, both Germany (in May) and Japan (in September) surrendered. At that time the Allies controlled most of the world, including Western Europe, while the Soviets controlled Eastern Europe.

Pittsburghers Walk the Red Carpet at “Lights! Glamour! Action!”

Party goers dressed to the nines walked the red carpet under The Pennsylvanian’s iconic rotunda on Saturday, February 23 for “Lights! Glamour! Action!” benefitting the Pittsburgh Film Office.

Strolling the Streets of Classic Pittsburgh

Take a walk around the Pittsburgh of yesteryear in this photo collection by David Aschkenas. Although the photographs were taken between 1978 and 1982, some look like they could fit into the 1940s with old neighborhood storefronts and hints of the city’s ethic roots.

Cold War II

Roughly five years ago, my book, “The Stewardship of Wealth,” was published in the U.S. Almost immediately, it was translated into Chinese and was being readied for publication by Tsinghua University Press in Beijing. But then one day — actually, it was nearly midnight — I received a frantic call.

Gentlemen’s Night Out Raises More Than $160,000 for the National Aviary

The 2019 Gentlemen’s Night Out on the North Shore benefitting the National Aviary was held on Friday, February 8th at Heinz Field Champions Club. The event was hosted by Michael Mascaro, Executive Vice President of Mascaro Construction and President of the National Aviary Board of Trustees.

Tragedy in a Box: A Review of “The Gun Show (Can We Talk About This?)”

A refreshing pragmatism infuses Quantum Theatre’s production of “The Gun Show (Can We Talk About This?)” (2013) – a kind of low-​tech, iconoclastic exuberance that’s reminiscent of the early films of Godard. It’s a classic one-​man, story-​telling performance – with some audience interaction – that comes off somewhere between Spalding…

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Valentine’s Day makes us think of all the different kinds of love there are in life, and this year the planets will be providing the perfect backdrop for all heartfelt activities. The amorous will find the wee hours Sunday to be particularly romantic, thanks to a nice connection between Venus…

The Value of Living Separately

We’ve talked a lot about De Rarum Natura, but we haven’t actually experienced the poem in these pages. There’s a reason for that — poor Lucretius has been unlucky in his translators.

Seamstress to the Stars

There are fittings on Thursday. Eight costumes still left to make and only two weeks to make them before the first dress rehearsal for The Great Gatsby. And Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre costume designer Janet Campbell is calm.

Girl on the Move

I arrived at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in the fall of 1959 as a 16-​year-​old first year student in the architecture department in the College of Fine Arts. I had chosen architecture because I loved art and math ever since I was a kid, and architecture seemed like the…

Soft-​Core Pathos: A Review of Pittsburgh Public Theater’s “The Tempest”

Cleverness is not a Shakespearian trait. In fact, as we have found after more than 400 years, the more we try to shape him, using our own devices, the less he is able to tell us. This is because his chief mode of artistic engagement is the sublime – versus…

This Week’s Astrology: Feb. 713, 2019

Maybe Phil the Groundhog had it right! Or, could it be the planets had an early spring feeling planned out for us all along? In any event, this week will be a build toward a burst of activity by the time we reach next Wednesday. The sun is still in…
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