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by Governor Tom Corbett
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Creating and maintaining an environment in which good, family-​sustaining jobs can grow is my top priority. Pennsylvanians have been hit hard by the recession,and our state’s record unemployment numbers show the full impact of this downturn on our families.

While the state’s unemployment numbers have continued to rise, so, too, have Allegheny County’s numbers. Since 2004, the unemployment rate in Allegheny County has climbed from 5.4 percent to 8.3 percent — adding 19,000 more unemployed Pennsylvanians. In fact, the county added more than 11,000 unemployed workers in a single year. New taxes have been added, and the county’s debt has continued to increase — adding to the financial burden of Allegheny County families.

For far too long, we have consistently ranked at the bottom of every job creation indicator and near the top of every tax burden list. The policies of Harrisburg and the greater Pittsburgh area have driven jobs to other states, and, unless we change our business philosophy, Pennsylvania will continue to have one of the worst tax burdens for job creators in the nation.

That is why I am determined to revitalize Pennsylvania’s economy and restore the commonwealth’s position in the global marketplace through innovation, improved job creation and 21st-​century workforce training. Pennsylvania is blessed with unrivalled resources. We are home to the second-​largest energy resource field in the world with our abundant coal, natural gas, oil and timber. Our agriculture, established manufacturing base, and work ethic set Pennsylvania apart from other states. Every region of Pennsylvania boasts a dynamic mix of major corporations, small businesses and emerging industries in biotech and life sciences. Combine all of this with our world-​class higher education institutions and our proximity to close to one-​half of our nation’s population, and the possibilities for Pennsylvania are limitless.

My plan for Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania as a whole, will embrace this innovation to improve our economy and move us from the bottom of the pack to the top of the list. We must continue to support and grow Pittsburgh’s high-​tech industries, medical institutions and manufacturing companies. To make the Pittsburgh region and the commonwealth a global leader, I will partner with private industry to harness Pennsylvania’s resources and foster a business climate that says “yes” to new jobs, “yes” to certainty for employers and “yes” to competition.

I have outlined a plan for Pennsylvania’s economic recovery that works to reduce the tax burden on Pennsylvania families and job creators, cut regulatory barriers that are crushing job growth and sending entrepreneurs to other states, and expand opportunities for new industry sectors to call Pennsylvania home. It is time to restore fiscal discipline, bring about limited government, and encourage free enterprise in every region of this state. To learn more about my plan for Pennsylvania, visit www​.tom​cor​bet​tfor​gov​er​nor​.com.

As a native of Pittsburgh, I understand the needs of this community. The Greater Pittsburgh area is blessed with remarkable resources and a workforce that is second to none. The hard working men and women of Allegheny County deserve a leader who has a vision to grow our economy and put the taxpayers first; someone who understands the importance of bringing together public and economic leaders to build the bipartisan, strategic policies today that will secure our future for tomorrow; a leader who will do what is in the best interest of Pennsylvania.

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